Commercial Services
Watch our video on the water-fed poles we use for cleaning windows!

Commercial Window Cleaning

Mid-rise office buildings (up to 4 story), hospitals, schools, colleges, storefronts, etc.

Erie Window Cleaning & Services would like to change the way the Erie and surrounding area thinks about keeping their windows clean and appealing to their customers and employees. Point blank... we are going to save you money!

Below are some questions you may have.

Q:  What method do you use for Commercial Window Cleaning?

A:  Erie Window Cleaning & Services uses “Pure Water Technology”.  This is 100% pure filtered water used with an extendable carbon fiber water fed pole (WFP) which can easily reach three stories high.

  • No soap, no chemicals, no ladders, no lifts!
  • This is a system being used worldwide and has been growing in popularity because of advancements in quality, but mainly because of the safety factor, cost savings in labor and end cost to customers.

Q:  So how does it work?

A: How can only water be used to clean without using any kind of soap? Sound a little farfetched? Here’s the quick explanation on how the WFP system works. On the end of the carbon fiber extendable pole is a nylon monofilament, flocked bristle brush with 2 small jets that let out a constant supply of pure water at very low pressure. First we clean the frames and then the glass by moving the brush head  to loosen the dirt. We then rinse the windows and frames and leave to dry.  Because the water is pure, it leaves no marks when it dries! You can think of it like the “spot free rinse” at the automated car wash, times 100. That’s it!

An added benefit is that with the brush, it is very easy and practical to clean the entire frame and surrounding trim - something that may be overlooked by conventional methods. Very simple and very efficient. No more dirty streaks near the frames where they have been wiped. No more ladders and lifts being drug around your property and no disruptive window cleaners at your window when you are trying to finish your work. AND... best of all, this will save your company money.

Call the owner, Jack Yazembiak at 814-450-1929 for a free, no obligation demonstration of how you can get your windows sparkling clean, quickly, safely, and for less cost.

Q: Are any soaps or chemicals used during this filtration process?

A: No. All filters contain natural elements such as salt, resin beads and carbon sediment and are environmentally safe. Actually, it is soap residue that is left on a window when using conventional methods that attract dirt and lead to windows becoming dirty sooner again. Pure water leaves nothing but a shiny clean window.

Q: Can the water damage or stain my property or building?

A: Absolutely no. The water is pure, with no contaminants it. It will not damage or stain your building in any way.  Damage to buildings is caused by dirt, acid rain and pollution in the atmosphere.

Q: How much money will the Water Fed Pole system save us?

A: In terms of how much is a difficult one to answer as every commercial window washing job is different and has its own problems and complexities. However, through past experience and customer feedback, on average, clients are saving around 35-40% of their total commercial window cleaning costs, by using this system. This is in comparison with the more conventional methods used before, such as ladders, booms, etc.

Q: Is it safe?

A: Yes. Because we work from the safety of the ground with no ladders or other equipment being used, commercial window washing has never been safer!

Q: Do you do inside as well?

A: Absolutely. We can take care of all your interior glass needs professionally, efficiently, and discreetly. Always clean, uniformed and being attentive to detail, while taking great care not to be disruptive to employees or customers.